Clusters by year

Year 2002 Year 2003 Year 2004 Year 2005 Year 2006 Year 2007 Year 2008 All
Year2002.4 Year2003.4 Year2004.4 Year2005.4 Year2006.4 Year2007.4 Year2008.4 All.4
Year2002.8 Year2003.8 Year2004.8 Year2005.8 Year2006.8 Year2007.8 Year2008.8 All.8
Year2002.12 Year2003.12 Year2004.12 Year2005.12 Year2006.12 Year2007.12 Year2008.12 All.12
Year2002.16 Year2003.16 Year2004.16 Year2005.16 Year2006.16 Year2007.16 Year2008.16 All.16

Mousing over each bubble will highlight the name of the financial institution.